Lazoo [lah-zoo!] noun
1.An innovative NYC-based company dedicated to making the best, most engaging creativity-inspiring animations and products for your kids.

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Here at Lazoo, we believe that the best way to encourage growth (at any age) is to challenge kids' minds and foster creativity.


We make children’s apps (which you can find in the Apple store), cartoons, books and products (which you can find at our store.) We specialize in developing innovative interactive technologies that bridge animation, apps, and physical products, focusing on deepening children’s engagement with entertainment. We implement these technologies on our properties as well as those of our partners.

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Praise for Lazoo:

Lazoo Sticker Booth

Step right up to Lazoo's Sticker Booth where PHOTOS + STICKERS = ENDLESS FUN! Insert yourself and your friends into character bodies and create your own custom scenes.

—30+ Lazoo characters in the booth, including monkey, mermaid, princess, and sumo wrestler
—12 fun backgrounds, plus camera to take your own photo backgrounds
—100+ stickers, from mustaches to props to speech bubbles
—4 brushes for creative drawing, including a wand to make glittery lines
—Cute stamps, including chicks that follow your finger
—Photo characters are saved and can be used multiple times in your scenes
—Special Gallery page to view and show-off all your creations

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Lazoo ZOO

It's snack time at the zoo, and everybody's hungry! Of course this is no ordinary zoo, it's Lazoo Zoo, filled with giraffes whose spots magically change depending on what they're fed, an ape who sprouts new hairstyles when he's overfed and a finicky lion who tells you what he feels like eating. Find hidden foods to feed to our 10 zoo animals or draw your own foods!

Magic Stickers!

"Is it a piece of broccoli… or a tree?"

Magic Stickers includes eight whimsical scenes featuring Lazoo's internationally award-winning art; each with a selection of animated stickers that move and interact with the setting. Kids can also create their own stickers and watch them "magically" come alive.

Let's Color!

It's a living, breathing coloring book!

Simply color a page, press the GO button, and watch your drawings come to life. A few dots become falling snow. Scribbles turn to smoke plumes puffed from chimneys. A jagged line pulsates into fire (or water or mustard or whatever a child imagines) spewing from a dinosaur's mouth!


Pictures come to life with "Squiggles!", a revolutionary new educational drawing app for young children!

A child’s simple hand-drawn squiggle can become a lion's mane, rocket smoke, cotton candy, a curly beard, and more! Simply squiggle away to complete Lazoo’s internationally award-winning art. Then hit the GO button and watch drawings soar, pulsate, move, twirl, and multiply.

Miku's Picnic

Miku's Picnic is an interactive storybook, featuring Lazoo's adorable characters, Bobu and Miku, who model creative thinking and encourage children to use their imaginations. Follow along on a fun-filled chase after a trio of jumping beans, all the while learning about flexible thinking and creative problem solving. Help Bobu and Miku nab the beans before the bounce away!

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Please use the form to the right to contact us for inquiries or if you're having trouble with any of our apps!

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